Welcome To Go2uni

Welcome To Go2uni

We offer a steam-based curriculum, using a carefully planned teaching methodology to cater for all learners effectively. With easy to assimilate, descriptive teaching with work through examples and quizzes after each topic/subtopic in line with relevant university entrance examinations (IGCSE, WAEC, NECO & JAMB etc.).

The Go2uni advantage places you on a sure path to exam success with a combination of effective teaching and summary revision notes. Our teachers also give insights into good exam preparation tips and strategies for each subject.

With Go2uni, every student has the necessary resources to prepare for university entrance exams efficiently, and students are well equipped to stand out both in science or art-based subjects.

Beyond teaching and summary notes, our active network of teachers vastly experienced, with over 10,000 students tutored. With their help, you are sure of getting clarification on any concept or topic.

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